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Since 2017

Rehabilitating Animals In Need

Our History

It all started in 2012 when we rescued two rabbits in dire need as they were abandoned under the scorching sun for several hours. Even before establishing this non-profit organization, we were rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, cows, and cats but with our pocket money. It started as an establishment in 2017 when we decided that animal abuse needs to be ended and we need more hands to join in this process. That’s when Life with Equality evolved! 

Rescued Animals

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

We believe in an eco-friendly, all-inclusive environment where every creature is respected for the right. Ending animal abuse in all possible ways is the primary driver of Life with Equality Charitable Trust.

Adopt A Pet

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Save a Life

Why Adopt?

change a fur baby's life

By virtually adopting an animal, you are enabling a fur baby to call you HIS/HER FAMILY. Your love can change a life!

meet up expenses

As we rescue and rehabilitate more animals, your monetary support can help in meeting the basic upkeep of one animal.

save more animals

As the movement goes bigger with new virtual pet parents, we get overwhelmed to save more animals.

spread the chain of love

Adopting an animal can let you experience the love from him/her. As the love chain expands, we create a better world. 

Towards creating a beautiful, inclusive, abuse-free tomorrow for all living beings!


Our Volunteers


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